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Carpet of flowers.

Visit, spend time, with colorful scenes.

Flower calendar

Early January - February
Red plum
Mid February - mid March
Yoshino cherry tree
March - April
March - April, September - October
Early May - late June
Mid June - mid July
Late August - November
December - March
December - March
December - late April
December - March
Canola flower
December - March
December - February
Gancho sakura
Mid January - February

Carpet of flowers.

Carpet of flowers.

The scenery of the flower garden of the early spring is a natural scene which adds poetic charm to the season of Minami-Boso. Not only picking flowers, there are many spots where are popular among peaple taking photos and videos, The history of the flower clutivation is old, and the amount of production of calendula is the most in Japan.
  • Beach

    The blue sea. A white wave.

    Sotobo faced the Pacific, and the wide horizon opens, and takes root for a perfect point of the surfing throughout the year. Different side of Uchibo is shallow for a good distance froom the shore continued, that is good to children.

    Beach of Minami Boso


    • Iwai Beach(Tomiyama)
    • Tomioka Beach(Tomiura)
    • Haraoka Beach(Tomiura)
    • Tatara Beeach(Tomiura)


    • Setohama Beach(Chikura)
    • Minami Chikura Beach(Chikura)
    • Shioura Beach(Shirahama)
    • Nagura Beach(Shirahama)
    • Nemoto Beach(Shirahama)
    • Wadaura Beach(Wada)

  • Sunrise Nojimazaki Lighthouse

    Looking on. Able to come across the sunrise and the sunset.

    "Nojimazaki Lighthouse" of a white wall rising on the cape of the southernmost Shirahama district of Boso Peninsula. More than 100 years, the lighthouse looked on the sea and town from this place.

  • The fireworks

    In summer, larfe fireworks on the sea.

    Poem about summer. The fireworks of full impact are gorgeous.

    Shirahama Ama Festival Late July
    Iwai Beach Nouryou Fireworks Festival August 5
    Chikura BON Festa Mid August

  • Night time swimming of ama

    The light of the woman diver twinkles in Shirahama.

    The event that the Shirahama woman diver Festival tells to start of the Summer vacation."Ama no Yaei(night time swimming of ama)" is woman divers of white clothing enter the sea with bamboo torches which light takes the spectator into a world of fantacy.

    白Shirahama Ama Festival Late July

  • 小松寺

    Late and red Autumn.

    The season of colored leaves at warm Minami-Boso from December to November. The colord leaves of Komatsu temple are one of the highlight. The scenery which the mountains changing slightly is characteristic of Minami-Boso.

  • Scooping horse mackerel at Tomiura, Minami-Boso.

    Scooping horse mackerel at Tomiura, Minami-Boso.

    Scooping horse mackerel where put a net on the shallow for a good distance from the shore sea and discharged it into there. That is summer pleasant event of the Tomiura district.

Time of family tripMothers

Time of family trip

Hotels available to the style of the trip. That is quality of Minamiboso.

Tramp over hills slowly and relax leisurely in a sandy beach. Flower garden in spring, blue sea in Summer. There are a lot of kinds of hotels to the style of the trip so that there is a lot of way of enjoying Minami-Boso. The quality of Minami-Boso is you can choose a style for a hotel, an inn, a guest house, a meal, and a hot spring, The quality of you is a quality of Minami-Boso.

Reliable carefull selection hotel "Hotel of the family time"

A carefull selection hotel "hotel at family time" which is reliable even if stay at any hotel even if come with anyone even if come anytime.
We prepare for various plans.

<<Plan exsample>>

  • Accommodation plan that watch the landing of fish in the mornig.
  • Accommodation plan to fish for the first time with parent and child.
  • Accommodation plan that you can do flower picking unlimitedly in early spring.

  • Sashimi

    Because it is Minamiboso where God of the cooking lives in.

    A delicious trip is the powerful charm.Not to mention seasonal taste, it is charm of "the staying trip" that can enjoy cooking only in Minamiboso including the local traditional cuisine "Namero" to the full.

  • Hot Springs Japanese style room

    Minamiboso Hot Spring

    Outdoor both of the superb view pride, the reservations bath which can monopolize a hot spring and a wiew. Hot spring ryokan to be able to soak itself in heartily to warm up of hot water assembles in full force.
    Compare and visit hot springs in a relaxed manner at Minamiboso.

    Minamiboso Hot Spring Association 0470-28-5307

  • Students

    Iwai is mecca of the camp of the student.

    Minamiboso where is dotted with "hotels" to the use of the trip from a hotel to a guest-house. Not to mention a family vacation, it do not choose the form of the trip which is a student and a general club camp, the education trip.

Romance of history is here.

There are many spots and stories that make history feel, since ancient times called "the country of AWA."
It is a fun trip to Minami Boso to visit while feeling a history that melts into the landscape.

Home town of Nanso Satomi Hakkenden.

Minamiboso who became the stage of the story of "Nanso Satomi Hakkenden" by Mr. Takizawa Bakin's work. It overlaps with the footsteps of "Mr Satomi" of the Sengoku worrior of the Middle Ages, and its history still exists in various place now.
  • Sanmon


    Tomisan is the place where it became the introduction of the story. Sanmon welcomes you.
    • Tomiyama Minamiboso-shi
  • Fusehime rouketsu

    Fusehime rouketsu

    "Fusehime rouketsu" is the place that Princess Fuse and her dog Yatsufusa secluded themselves.
    • Tomiyama Minamiboso-shi
  • Takidajoushi


    "Takidajoushi" was the main castle of Satomi Yoshizane at "Hakkenden".
    • Miyoshi Minamiboso-shi
  • Kosenjou(an old battlefield)

    Kosenjou(an old battlefield)

    Kosenjou where Mr.Satomi's Sanetaka,Yoshitoyo, Yoshitaka fought between relatives.
    • Tomiyama Minamiboso-shi

Go around shrines and temlples.

  • Takabe shrine

    "Takabe shrine" that enshrines the only "God of cooking" in Japan.

    The God of cooking is enshrined here and there are many visit by person concerned with cooking. "Houchou shiki" which cook fish by only knife and chopsticks is a reproduction of the Inperial Court events of Heian era. And it is performed several times a year.
    • 164 Minamiasai Chikura-cho Minamiboso-shi
  • Nichiunji

    The legend of Nichiren Saints remains. "Nichiunji"

    It is said that Nichiren Saint came to Kominato(Kamogawa) from Kamakura and stopped by and converted to Nichiunji sect. Around 20 thousand shares hydrangea are blooming around June and it is called "Bosyu hydrangea temple."
    • 2124 Kamo Minamiboso-shi
  • Ishidouji

    There is Ihachi Namino's work "Ishidouji"

    It is counted as one of the Nihon Three stone pagona Temple, together with the stone pagona in Shiga prefecture and Gunma prefecture. Wooden standing statue of the Eleven-faced Kannon Bosatsu of the principal image is an important designated asset of the country.
    • 302 Ishidou Minamiboso-shi