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There are various experiences to be able to enjoy from a child to the elderly in warm Minamiboso through one year.
Harvest by your hand, and the blessing of Minamiboso to taste on the spot is a particular taste.
  • Strawberry picking

    Strawberry picking

    from Junuary to May

    The red scenery spreading through a lot of houses gives poetic charm to early spring.
    "Strawberry picking" to be served unlimitedly, and to be able to enjoy a fresh strawberry is an experience of the popularity.
    A lot of kinds including Akihime, Sachinoka are glad to be available.


    Michi no Eki Tomiura Biwakurabu
    TEL. 0470-33-4611
    Michi no Eki Miyoshi-mura Hinanosato
    TEL. 0470-36-4116
    Mineoka Ikiiki Kan
    TEL. 0470-46-8611
  • Seine net experience

    Seine net experience

    from April to November

    A gentle wave, "Seine net" can be experienced at the inner sea where the shallow sea spreads.
    "Seine net and seafood barbecue", and a tourist seine set experience(free) is also done ine the summer.


    Seine net and seafood barbecue
    IwaI Minshuku Group Association
    TEL. 0470-57-2088
    A tourist seine set experience(free)
    Minamiboso City Tourism Association
    TEL. 0470-28-5307
  • Dig bamboo shoots

    Dig bamboo shoots

    from late April to late June

    Minamiboso was a producing area of bamboo since ancient times.
    It is early summer that you can experience "dig bamboo shots" at various places.
    There are also facilities with takeaway and tasting.


    Kusu no Ki
    TEL. 0470-47-5522
    Michi no Eki Furari Tomiyama
    TEL. 0470-57-2601
    Michi no Eki Miyoshi-mura Hinanosato
    TEL. 0470-36-4116
    Mineoka Ikiiki Kan
    TEL. 0470-46-8611
  • Loquat picking

    Loquat picking

    from mid-May to mid-June

    Large juicy loquat is a special product of Boso's early summer that has been presented to the imperial family for a long time.
    It is a popular standard menu that you can enjoy "Soshu loquat" with all you can eat.


    Michi no Eki Tomiura Biwakurabu
    TEL. 0470-33-4611
    Michi no Eki Furari Tomiyama
    TEL. 0470-57-2601
  • Mandarin orange picking

    Mandarin orange picking

    from mid-October to late December

    "Boshu orange" is characterized by sweet and strong taste.
    Autumn to winter taste of the season with picking your own hands.


    Michi no Eki Furari Tomiyama
    TEL. 0470-57-2601
    Michi no Eki Miyoshi-mura Hinanosato
    TEL. 0470-36-4116
  • Melon hunting

    Melon hunting

    All year

    Minamibos can enjoy mask melon hunting all year round.
    Among them, "Aqua melon" is the highest-grade variety with a high sugar content and "China aqua melon" has become a valuable one.


    Minamiboso Tourism Association Chikura branch
    TEL. 0470-44-3581

Perfect for learning! Educational travel menu is also available.

The magnificent Pacific Ocean is spreading outside Sotobo, Uchibo is facing the quiet Tokyo Bay.
In addition, various "learing" menus unique to Minamiboso with a multifaceted field spreading not only the ocean but also the deep green mountains are now popular for educational travel.
  • Dairy farming experience

    Dairy farming experience

    The Maruyama area where white cattle were imported during the Edo period is "the place of birth of Japan dairy farming".
    You can do dairy farming experience (milking and bait spear experiences) in Minamiboso.


    Mineoka Ikiiki Kan
    • Time required 120min.
    • Capacity 30-80
  • Making Boshu uchiwa(round fan)

    Making Boshu uchiwa(round fan)

    "Boshu uchiwa" which is characterized by a round pattern which is considered one of Japan's three major uchiwas(Kyoto, Marugame).
    You can experience the production of that uchiwa which is designated as a country's traditional craftwork.
    • Time required 60-90min.
    • Capacity 10-300
  • Ama experience

    Ama experience

    Traditional fishing methods representing Minamiboso have ama fishing(An ama is a free-diving woman who callects shell-fish and so forth from the seabed.)
    Listen to an active ama who is a fishing ground, the history of the fishery method and the current fishing method, and actually experience the ama using the seashore.
    • Time required 120min.-
    • Capacity 20-200
  • Loquat picking experience

    Loquat picking experience

    "Loquat" cultivated in Minamiboso which is one of the leading production area of loquat in Japan has been presented every year to the imperial family.
    It is a traditional special product that has already been producing loquat from the Edo period.
    The cultivation area utilizes the slope of the mountain. There are various difficulties in cultivation as well. Listen to the farmar's story about how to cultivate the loquat, and harvest the loquat.
    • Time required 120min.
    • Capacity 120
  • Experience making dried fishes of horse mackerel

    Learn how to use kitchen knife, and open the horse mack

    Experience making dried fishes of horse mackerel and take out of the viscera with a kitchen knife, soak the fish in salt water, dry it in the sun, and make a dried fish.
    Fish marked with tail finish with a kitchen knife from the head.
    The dried fish you made will be delivered at a later date.
    • Time required 60min.-
    • Capacity 30-500
  • Houchou Shiki

    Houchou Shiki tour

    Wearing eboshi and hitatare(which are classic ceremony costumes), using knives and chopsticks, show off techniques to cook without touching anything.
    It was a dedication ceremony held during the Heian period, celebrations at the court.
    • Time required 120min.
    • Capacity 50-
In addition to this, there are many "Experience Menu" for educational travel such as school excursions and study trip in Minamiboso. The main accomodation is a guest-house. The owner of the quest-house takes you until the way of spending time and experiences in here. So you can experience a "life-feeling".

Map of Michi no Eki

An encounter full of the personality is nice.Michi no Eki of 11 places of Minamiboso

The calling spot of drive, the informationplace of dispatch "Michi no Eki" of the trip.
Here is preasure to rotate.
The way of enjoying each Michi no Eki where the slight characterristic only in the district emerges in a display for a suvernir for food.
  • Michi no Eki Furari Tomiyama

    Michi no Eki Furari Tomiyama

    The Michi no Eki that can use from both the general way and Futtsu Tateyama road as a doorway of a warm Uchibo.
    The direct sale place is popular that provide fresh vegetables and flowers brought up at the blessing of the sea from Iwai Beach, the foot of Mt. Tomisan.
    1900 Nebe Minamiboso-shi TEL.0470-57-2601
    Open 9:00-18:00 Eating 9:00-18:00 / Irregular holidays
    Parking Large Vehicle 25, General Vehicle 323 Challenged 4
    Restroom Male 17, Female 19, Disabled toilets 2
  • Michi no Eki Tomiura Biwa Kurabu

    Michi no Eki Tomiura Biwa Kurabu

    It win the highest award with "The Michi no Eki grand prix" in 2000.
    The cafe and the shop are full of specialty loguat goods and there is the experience-based menu including a flower knob and the strawberry picking, too.
    123-1 Aoki Tomiura-cho Minamiboso-shi TEL.0470-33-4611
    Open 10:00-18:00 / Irregular holidays
    Parking Large Vehicle10, Normal Vehicle80, Challenged4
    Restroom Mail10, Female8, Disabled toilets1
  • Michi no Eki Wadaura WA・O!

    Michi no Eki Wadaura WA・O!

    The spot that "Eat", "Flock in the town", "Encounter, discovery" under the theme of "Eat and Walk Whale".
    The restaurant where the menus only in the hometown cuisine including a whale dish and the direct sale store are nice.
    243 Jingaura Wada-machi Minamiboso-shi TEL.0470-47-3100
    Open 9:00-18:00
    Parking Large Vehicle4, Normal Vehicle75, Challenged2
    Restroom Mail6, Female4, Disabled toilets1
  • Michi no Eki Ootsu no Sato Hana Kurabu

    Michi no Eki Ootsu no Sato Hana Kurabu

    It can enjoy a fresh and high guality flower knob throughout the year in the greenhouse in the site of 4,000 tsubos.
    In this facilites has seasonal fruit and dessert, the experience-bases menu evety season too.
    320 Ootsu Tomiura-cho Minamiboso-shi TEL.0470-33-4616
    Open 9:00-17:00 / Irregular holidays(open every day from Junuary to March )
    Parking Large Vehicle9, Normal Vehicle30, Challenged1
    Restroom Mail6, Femail11, Disabled toilets2
  • Michi no Eki

    Michi no Eki "Miyoshimura" Hina no Sato

    Michi no Eki with "the blessing" of the Mahoroba village that many fresh vegetables and fruit in a direct sale place.
    In Hina no Sato with fruit in a direct sale place.
    In Hina no Sato with the restaurant, big open kitchen is impressive.
    82-2 Kawada Minamiboso-shi TEL.0470-36-4116
    Open 9:00-17:00(the closing time is 17:30 from March to Septembar ) / Irregular holidays
    Parking Large Vehicle8, Normal Vehicle76
    Restroom Mail15, Femail8, Disabled toilets2
  • Michi no Eki Ootsu no Sato

    Michi no Eki Shirahama Nojimazaki

    The southernmost "Michi no Eki" of Boso Peninshula.
    The facilities along with information building of the flower where are good to loitering on the way of the trip to town "Shirahama" of the sea and the flower.
    9240 Takiguchi Shirahama-cho Minamiboso-shi TEL.0470-38-5519
    Open 9:00-17:00 Closed on Tuesday, year-end and New Year holidays
    Parking Large Vehicle2, Normal Vehicle20, Challenged2
    Restroom Mail2, Femail2, Disabled toilets1
  • Michi no Eki Aloha Garden

    Michi no Eki Aloha Garden

    There are botanical garden proud of the prefecture's greatest scale and the cafe which can enjoy eral Hawaiian food and tropical food willingly.
    1495 Fujiwara Tateyama-shi TEL.0470-28-1511
    Open 9:00-17:00 Open all year round
    Parking Large Vehicle16, Normal Vehicle228, Challenged3
    Restroom Mail5, Femail5, Disabled toilets4
    Entrance fee / Adults 1,300Yen, elementary school 800Yen, Infant500Yen
  • Michi no Eki Chikura shiokaze oukoku

    Michi no Eki Chikura shiokaze oukoku

    9 shops and restaurant deal many product only in Chikura.
    The park where a fishing boat rises in an art object, can spend with the sea breeze sound from the Pacific leisurely.
    1051 Senda Chikura-cho Minamiboso-shi TEL.0470-43-1811
    Open 9:00-17:00(Shop) / 11:00-20:00(Restaurant)
    8:30-17:00(From Junuary to March), Closed on Wednesday(Junuary-March,August Open all year round)
    Parking Large Vehicle13, Normal Vehicle177, Challenged3
    Restroom Mail19, Femail18, Disabled toilets4
  • Michi no Eki Rosemary Park

    Michi no Eki Rosemary Park

    The park where herb blooms in the knot-type garden.
    The theme park where the Shakespeare country park where was next to restored a British building of the Middle Ages.
    1501 Shirako Minamiboso-shi TEL.0470-46-2882
    Open 9:00-17:00
    Parking Large Vehicle10, Normal Vehicle150, Challenged3
    Restroom Mail12, Femail19, Disabled toilets2
  • Michi no Eki Kyonan Mikaeri no Sato

    Michi no Eki Kyonan Mikaeri no Sato

    Michi no Eki Kyonan having "the Hishikawa Moronobu Museum" which is famous for Beauty Looking Back.
    This is the one of famous ukiyo-e which is Japanese art flourished from 300 years age.
    It is famous as a beautiful place of Mt.Fuji and the setting sun.
    Fresh marine products, a flower and the vegetables from a hometown are substantial.
    517−1 Yoshihama Kyonan-machi Awa-gun TEL.0470-55-4518
    Open 9:00-17:00 / Irregular holidays
    Parking Large Vehicle5, Normal Vehicle54, Challenged1
    Restroom Mail12, Femail9, Disabled toilets1
  • Michi no Eki Hota Shogakko

    Michi no Eki Hota Shogakko

    In 2014, HOTA elementary school closed. Inherited the history of 126 years, it has been reborn as "Michi no Eki Hota Shogakko".
    724 Hota, Kyonan-machi, Awa-gun TEL.0470-29-5530
    Open 9:00-18:00 / Open all year round
    Parking Large Vehicle5, Normal Vehicle107, Challenged2
    Restroom Mail13, Femail9, Disabled toilets1
  • Michi no Eki Kamogawa Ocean Park

    Michi no Eki Kamogawa Ocean Park

    The product building & restaurant which a fan-shaped syramid is characterized by.
    Scenery of the magnificent Pacific opens from an abservatory and can playground equipment in the Shinsui park called the Thousand Year Shore.
    22 Tayuuzaki Emi Kamogawa-shi TEL.04-7096-1911
    Open 9:00-18:00(the closing time is 17:00 from Novembar to Junuary ) / Open all year round
    Parking Large Vehicle5, Normal Vehicle67
    Restroom Mail20, Femail16, Disabled toilets1